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MAY 2017 UPDATE – Balance Changes, New Levels & New Look

This update includes higher max levels, balance changes, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and improvements to the art, interface, and user experience. Read on for more details! New Levels Gods' Health and Strength can now be upgraded to Level 70 (previously 60) Temple Bonus can now be upgraded to Level 40 (previously 30) Houses can now [...]

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FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE – Balance Changes

This is our biggest balance change patch to date, in response to player feedback and usage statistics. Read on to find out what's changing and why: Vengeance Warriors Death explosion damage reduced to 300% of troop strength (previously 500%) Death explosion now does area of effect damage at 50% of troop strength (previously no AoE [...]

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NOVEMBER 2016 UPDATE – Cyclops Tower

This update introduces a brand new tower and some highly requested feature improvements! CYCLOPS TOWER: An angry Cyclops will hurl giant boulders, dealing area damage and crushing groups of enemy troops! Great for defending against small units who may be shielding the attacking gods. Unlocks at Level 40. RESET TEMPLES & MONUMENTS: You can now reset [...]

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