APRIL 2019 UPDATE – Spartan Academy!

This update introduces an extremely powerful new defensive building, the Spartan Academy!


An elite Academy that spawns highly trained Spartans with customizable patrol options!

Building Stats:

With double the Health of a regular Academy, the Spartan Academy is even sturdier than a Monument!
Aphrodite cannot charm Spartan Academies.


Troop Stats:

Spartans have twice the Health and Strength of Hoplites, and slightly higher Speed.
Spartan troops are immune to Aphrodite’s Charm!



Spartans can be assigned to guard a specific building in your city.
For example, you can assign a group of Spartans to protect a key Temple.
Tap on each Spartan Academy to select which building its troops should guard.



You can customize the area that Spartans will defend. Choose between a small, medium, or large patrol radius, or leave the Area setting off to allow Spartans to travel anywhere on the map.
Tap on each Spartan Academy to toggle between the Area options.

Spartans will attack enemies who enter the RED area.
Once all enemies move beyond the edge of the BLACK area, Spartans will retreat to their assigned building and remain on guard.
If the assigned building is destroyed, Spartans will revert to standard troop behaviour and attack the nearest enemy anywhere on the map.

Level Requirement:

You can unlock Spartan Academies at Level 60.



Spartan Academies are more expensive than other barracks due to their high durability and powerful troops. Invest in a few Spartan Academies to give your city an elite upgrade!



VFX slider: Access this option in the Settings menu to optionally turn off some visual effects to improve performance (for older devices.)



  • Athena: Inspiration now gets paused during Regroup
  • Zeus: Chain Lightning can now branch, making it slightly faster and more effective at close range
  • Aphrodite Monument: Charmed units will now be cured of stone afflictions acquired from friendly Gorgon Towers



  • Campaign has been updated to include different Environments
  • Minor improvements to performance and gameplay


We’ve also fixed several bugs and optimized pathfinding and UI to improve performance further.


Check out this video for a preview of the Spartan Academy!

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