APRIL 2021 UPDATE – Hecate!

A new god is available in the Underworld! Meet Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, and necromancy!


Hecate has high health for a ranged god, matching melee gods such as Alecto, Tisiphone, and Ares.
Her maximum health at level 80 is 141,400.

Hecate has the fastest attack rate of any god, with the ability to attack a new target every 0.4 seconds.
Her maximum strength at level 80 is 1500 damage every 0.4 seconds, with a range of 500.

Hecate has a very fast movement speed of 25, second only to Cerberus.

Summon Skeleton Archers:
Summon a group of Skeleton Archers to fight for your side.

Soul Torch:
Magically charge Hecate’s torch for extreme damage and boosted range.

Summon Hounds:
Summon Hecate’s 3 hounds to fight for your side.

Alliance Power:
Creates a Skeleton Archer Portal to reinforce your army with skeleton archers.

Iron gates theme, with 100% boost to Arrow Tower stats and 50% boost to Hecate Statue health.


Boosts Arrow Tower stats.


  • Paris now stuns only 1 god, but infinite troops within range
  • Fixed Hades “Super Reanimate” bug
  • Fixed issues with Revenge button not displaying correctly
  • Decreased gem cost for battles

Don’t miss your chance to try out Hecate in the upcoming Hecate Solo Challenge!

Check out Hecate in action below!

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