AUGUST 2017 UPDATE – Challenge Events!

A new update is on its way, introducing 2 brand new gameplay modes, a new Hera skin, and a building upgrade slider!

Challenge Events!
Compete with the entire playerbase in new gameplay modes that will put your skills to the test!
Each Challenge will run for a limited time, with a unique leaderboard and grand prizes for the winners!

What are Challenge Events?
Challenge Events are periodic competitions featuring classic gameplay elements with added twists to test your skills!
In this update, we’re introducing 2 challenge modes, GOLDEN GOD attack challenges, and INVASION defense challenges, with more challenge modes to come in future updates!
We’ll have more info on these challenges in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Who can play Challenge Events?
Challenge Events unlock at Level 10, and introduce a competitive arena with identical gods and powers unlocked for every player to use in the event. This means that novice and veteran players alike can compete for a place on the Challenge Leaderboard!

How do I enter a Challenge?
Once a Challenge begins, you’ll have unlimited free entries and retries for the duration of the event.
Click on the Challenge Event icon to play, view the Leaderboard, and see details about the Challenge!

How do Rewards work?
For each Round you beat in a Challenge, you’ll receive stone and gold rewards that increase with your player level.
You can optionally boost these rewards using gems.

How do I claim a Leaderboard Prize?
The Top 100 Challengers in each event will also receive a gem prize based on their Challenge Leaderboard position!
These prizes will be delivered once the event ends via your Messages inbox.

How many Rounds are in each Challenge?
We create 15 Rounds for each Challenge.
Round 15 is designed as an endless level – if you make it that far (hats off to you!), try beating your high score to increase your position on the Leaderboard!

What happens in the case of a tie?
If 2 players end with an identical score, the player who reached the score first will retain the higher position on the Leaderboard.

New Hera Skin!
We held a suggestion contest for Hera’s new skin, and got an overwhelming number of requests for a superhero themed skin!
So here it is, the winner of the Players’ Choice Suggestion Contest: Superhero Hera!

Building Upgrade Slider
Tap on any building and slide it to the desired Health or Strength level to instantly upgrade it!
We hope this will make base construction much quicker and easier while we work on a more comprehensive base editor for the future! 🙂

Other Changes
We’ve changed the border area of maps slightly so that gods can no longer walk out of sight underneath the clouds during attacks. This may give long ranged towers a slight advantage if they’re placed close enough to the border, but overall balance remains unchanged in this update.

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Check out a preview of the first Challenge Event with Lex – Mobile Gaming!

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