War has arrived! Watch our developer update video for all the details, or read on for the key points!


Team up with your alliance mates to take on enemy alliances!

  • New wars start daily
  • Each city has a number of stars assigned to it, with more challenging cities worth more stars. Earn stars by defeating a city. The alliance with the most stars will be victorious!
  • Choose which cities you battle from the rival alliance
  • Use any combination of gods you have unlocked – mix and match Olympus and Underworld gods!
  • War cities take permanent damage – buildings remain destroyed after a battle, so you or another alliance mate can finish off a city that has already been damaged
  • Your war city is a copy of your active city at the time the war begins
  • Your war gods’ stats and war patron god are locked in once you make your first attack
  • You can only recruit each god for one battle per war, so only take the gods you think you’ll need!
  • Assist your alliance mates’ war attacks and defenses
  • There is no nectar cost to battle in wars
  • Reward amounts are based on your alliance’s war tier, your player level, whether your alliance is victorious, and how much you personally participate (complete all your war battles for maximum loot!) Rewards are not affected by how many stars you personally earn.

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  • Doubled the strength boost for Whirlwind Attack
  • Doubled the strength boost for Battle Charge


  • Summon Hoplites boost no longer decreases recharge time

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Many players felt that Centaurs were overpowered, so we’ve listened and made the following adjustments:

  • Major change in Centaur behaviour. Centaurs are now more likely to charge at troops rather than gods. This change makes them better at crowd control, but a less deadly force against the gods themselves.
  • Reduced Centaurs and Skeletaurs health by 20%

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  • Increased Centaur Archer and Skeletaur Archer health by 20%
  • Increased Centaur Archer and Skeletaur Archer speed by 5%
  • Increased Centaur Archer range to 400 (previously 350)

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We also include bug fixes and performance improvements in every update!

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We’d like to say a very special thank you to all the players and alliances who helped beta test war. Your feedback was invaluable and helped shape and fine tune the features of war into something we’re all very proud of, and we hope you will all enjoy playing it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

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