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This update adds two new heroes to unlock in the Hero Academy! NEW HEROES: Achilles: Uses a powerful shield, making him almost invincible to incoming damage! Paris: Stop gods in their tracks with an immobilizing stun arrow!   BALANCE CHANGES: Heroes: Attack strength reduced by 4% at lowest levels, 16% at highest levels Heroes now [...]
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This update adds Heroes who have supreme power second only to the gods themselves! HERO ACADEMY: Choose between Hercules, Odysseus, and Adonis! Heroes are not distracted by the Kraken Heroes are not fooled by Awe Heroes do not take Hera revenge damage   EARN MORE RESOURCES: Stone and gold altars are now upgradeable!   BALANCE [...]
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This festive update introduces new Quests, balance changes, and of course, holiday decorations! NEW: Quests: Earn bonus rewards including gems, gold, stone, and ambrosia by completing new and unique Quests! Skeleton Archers: Reanimated Archers now become Skeleton Archers!   BALANCE CHANGES: Gods: Poseidon: Tidal Wave damage reduced by 33%, but recharge time also reduced by [...]
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This update introduces a flexible and powerful new offensive feature -- the ability to choose a Patron god!  Your Patron god gets customizable boosts to their stats and powers. PATRON GODS: Once you choose a god as your Patron, you'll be able to boost some combination of their Health, their Strength, and the effect of [...]
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APRIL 2019 UPDATE – Spartan Academy!

This update introduces an extremely powerful new defensive building, the Spartan Academy! SPARTAN ACADEMY: An elite Academy that spawns highly trained Spartans with customizable patrol options! Building Stats: With double the Health of a regular Academy, the Spartan Academy is even sturdier than a Monument! Aphrodite cannot charm Spartan Academies.   Troop Stats: Spartans have [...]
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JANUARY 2019 UPDATE – Gorgon Tower!

This update introduces a brand new defensive building, the Gorgon Tower! GORGON TOWER: A super powerful tower that deals massive damage over time and turns enemy troops to stone! Read on for more details about its effects and counters! Damage to Troops: The Gorgon Tower will target all enemy troops in range, from closest to [...]
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