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An update is rolling out today, including more City Editor features, higher power levels, more Daily Challenge levels, and balance changes! CITY EDITOR Mass Upgrade buildings Mass Sell buildings To select the buildings you wish to include: Tap on a building twice to highlight all matching buildings (eg. ALL ARROW TOWERS) Tap a third time [...]
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A new update is on its way, introducing extra city slots, new challenge modes, alliance flares, and balance changes! Read on for details, and to find out what we're working on next! EXTRA CITY SLOTS Unlock up to 10 different city slots and switch between them at any time! Inactive cities remain safe from attacks, [...]
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It's festive season on Mount Olympus! Here's what's included in the latest update: NEW SKINS Holiday Aphrodite Santa Zeus HOLIDAY DECORATIONS Added temporary holiday decorations to all environments. Find them in the Decorations menu! DAILY CHALLENGE REWARDS Added ambrosia to Daily Challenge rewards You can now choose to boost your Daily Challenge rewards - 25 [...]
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OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE – Poseidon is Here!

The god of the sea has arrived at Mount Olympus! Read on for an overview of his powers and other new features included in this update!   POSEIDON: Health: Poseidon can take a hit, with health stats second only to Athena, and equal to the newly buffed Zeus! Strength: Poseidon uses his trident as a […]

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Hades has opened the gates of the underworld… The first INVASION CHALLENGE is about to begin! In an Invasion Challenge, you will be tasked with defending each city’s Temples against a growing army. Each Round begins with a small number of resource points that you can use to place your first defenses as the invaders […]

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The first ever GOLDEN GOD CHALLENGE is about to begin… Your victory depends on keeping the golden god safe! In a golden god challenge, a special god with augmented stats will lead your pantheon. This god will have extra Strength and faster Ability recharge times, and they may have increased or decreased Health depending on […]

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