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APRIL 2021 UPDATE – Hecate!

A new god is available in the Underworld! Meet Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, and necromancy! HECATE: Health: Hecate has high health for a ranged god, matching melee gods such as Alecto, Tisiphone, and Ares. Her maximum health at level 80 is 141,400. Strength: Hecate has the fastest attack rate of any god, with [...]
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After years of aiding the Olympian gods in battle, Hades is bringing his domain out of the shadows to show the world the power of the Underworld!   Enter the Underworld! Create an additional city in the new Underworld realm, with new buildings, new battle mechanics, and new gods to unlock! Underworld gods can attack [...]
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This update adds two new heroes to unlock in the Hero Academy! NEW HEROES: Achilles: Uses a powerful shield, making him almost invincible to incoming damage! Paris: Stop gods in their tracks with an immobilizing stun arrow!   BALANCE CHANGES: Heroes: Attack strength reduced by 4% at lowest levels, 16% at highest levels Heroes now [...]
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This update adds Heroes who have supreme power second only to the gods themselves! HERO ACADEMY: Choose between Hercules, Odysseus, and Adonis! Heroes are not distracted by the Kraken Heroes are not fooled by Awe Heroes do not take Hera revenge damage   EARN MORE RESOURCES: Stone and gold altars are now upgradeable!   BALANCE [...]
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This festive update introduces new Quests, balance changes, and of course, holiday decorations! NEW: Quests: Earn bonus rewards including gems, gold, stone, and ambrosia by completing new and unique Quests! Skeleton Archers: Reanimated Archers now become Skeleton Archers!   BALANCE CHANGES: Gods: Poseidon: Tidal Wave damage reduced by 33%, but recharge time also reduced by [...]
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This update introduces a flexible and powerful new offensive feature -- the ability to choose a Patron god!  Your Patron god gets customizable boosts to their stats and powers. PATRON GODS: Once you choose a god as your Patron, you'll be able to boost some combination of their Health, their Strength, and the effect of [...]
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