This festive update introduces new Quests, balance changes, and of course, holiday decorations!



  • Earn bonus rewards including gems, gold, stone, and ambrosia by completing new and unique Quests!

Skeleton Archers:

  • Reanimated Archers now become Skeleton Archers!




  • Poseidon: Tidal Wave damage reduced by 33%, but recharge time also reduced by 32% to 17 seconds (previously 25 seconds)


  • Health boost for Temple and Monument increased to 50% (previously 20%)


  • Lowest level Temple health reduced by 25%
  • Highest level Temples health increased by 1.7%
  • Athena Temple and House health bonus now only applies to buildings (previously included troops)
  • Athena House health bonus reduced by 20%
  • Hermes Temple and House bonus now adds unit health boost as well as speed boost
  • Hermes Temple speed boost reduced by 16.6%
  • Hermes House speed boost reduced by 20%
  • Aphrodite Temple unit boost increase by 10%
  • Zeus Temple general bonus reduced by 10%
  • Poseidon Temple shield boost reduced by 16.6%
  • Poseidon House shield health reduced by 20%

Level-Based Reward Bonuses:

  • Attackers will now gain bonus rewards for attacking far above their level
  • Trophy dropping will be penalized with reduced rewards for attacking significantly lower level cities



Name Change:

  • You can now change your player name from the Settings menu! The first name change is free, but each subsequent change will increase in cost, so choose carefully!

Kick Limit:

  • Added a daily kick limit for Alliance Captains and Generals.


  • Improved and expanded the Tutorial to assist new players.


  • Dramatically decreased the cost of third god
  • Increased the cost of low-level god upgrades

Holiday Decorations:

  • Turned on festive holiday decorations!

Bug Fixes:

Many bugs and UI errors have been fixed including:

  • Corrected visual range displays for Arrow Towers, Zeus Monument and Hades Monument
  • Stomping on troops after using Hermes’ Regroup power now works again
  • Added account sharing restriction so that only one simultaneous battle can be played per account

Happy Holidays, and stay tuned for major features coming soon!

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