Thanatos is coming to the underworld! Watch our developer update video above for a preview, and read on for more details!


Thanatos has a high health stat, equal with Poseidon, Zeus, and Charon.
His maximum health at level 80 is 176,700.

Thanatos has the strongest auto-attack of any god.
His maximum strength at level 80 is 10,000 damage every 0.85 seconds.
For comparison, the next strongest god, Charon, deals 10,000 damage every 1.1 seconds.

Thanatos has the standard speed for a melee god of 19.

Deal extreme damage and typically death to the most powerful units nearby.

  • This power excels against enemies like Heroes, Centaurs, Spartans, and troops spawned from monuments, like Ares’ Acolytes.
  • Troops are prioritized based on their strength + full health stats combined.
  • When fully upgraded, the recharge time is 8.6 seconds, making re-casting almost instantaneous when the previous power fades.

Tip: Thanatos can recover significant health by combining Doom with Megaera’s Drain while targeting high-health enemies. (Only the unit’s remaining health at the time they disintegrate will be absorbed.)

Create a directed energy wave that passes through units and buildings.

  • This power is best suited to crowd control for common troops – it deals a small amount of damage (the Damage stat) to a lot of targets (until it reaches the total Strength stat).
  • The passthrough effect means it can also be used to reach clusters of small buildings, like houses or towers, behind a higher health structure like a Temple.

Tip: Try combining Scythe Wave with Persephone’s Grow for a significant strength buff.

Create a storm of scythes dealing damage in every direction.

  • This power is best used when Thanatos is positioned in the center to make full use of the 360° range.
  • When fully upgraded, Scythe Strom sends out 930 scythes that do 2,510 damage each, for a total of 2,334,300 damage. Overpowered? Maybe… Awesome? Yes!

Dooms a small group of enemies. Deals huge damage to a very small number of units.

Asphodel theme: The underworld land of neutrality, with a pink poppy landscape.
Provides the following boosts:

Ballista Tower:

  • Health +100%
  • Strength +100%
  • Range +50%

Statue of Thanatos:

  • Health +100%

Boosts Ballista Tower stats. The fully upgraded bonuses at level 50 are:

  • Health +60%
  • Strength +60%




  • Health increased by 14%


  • Health reduced by 10%

Gorgon Towers:

  • Gorgon Towers charmed by Aphrodite would previously target Heroes in the same way they would target ordinary troops – dealing guaranteed death if the Hero was turned to stone. We’ve changed this behaviour so that Gorgon Towers now treat Heroes in the same way they do gods – that is:

    1. Gorgon Towers will only target Heroes if no other troops are in range.

    2. In the case of a Hero being targeted, only the actual remaining damage from the Gorgon Tower will be applied (and divided between any Heroes in range), rather than dealing a guaranteed one-shot death.

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We also include bug fixes and performance improvements in every update.

‎We can’t wait to see the new strategies you create with Thanatos, and look forward to bringing you more content soon!

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