Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the answers to most questions that people have about the game. If you still have questions or issues, please contact us!


Home City

How does building placement work?
You can place as many of a building type as you can afford. (As you place more buildings of a certain type, that building type’s cost will slowly increase.) And yes, most buildings can be moved or sold! There are some exceptions to this; for example, you can’t sell temples.

How do I move buildings?
Tap once to select the building, then tap and drag to move.

How do I upgrade buildings?
Just select the building you wish to upgrade and press the Upgrade button at the bottom of the screen. It’s a good idea to upgrade your buildings to make sure your city can fend off powerful attacking gods.

How do houses work?
Like temples, houses are aligned to a specific god. They provide a similar bonus to a god’s temple. However, house bonuses only apply to buildings that are adjacent to the house. For example, an Ares house placed next to an Arrow Tower will improve the Arrow Tower’s attack damage. When you select a house on the map, the adjacent buildings will display a glow to show that they are receiving a bonus from the house you’ve selected. Keep in mind that some houses boost only certain types of buildings. For example, Aphrodite houses only provide a boost to Academies and Archery Ranges.

Can I select many buildings at once?
Yes you can! A single tap on a building will select the building. Additional taps on that same building will expand the selection group to include more things similar to that first building. For example, if you select a Zeus House, an additional tap on the Zeus House will select all Zeus Houses. And then another additional tap will select all houses for any god. And yet another tap will select all buildings. Once multiple buildings are selected, you are able to take action on that group of buildings. For example, a group of houses can be simultaneously upgraded or sold.

What are City Slots?
City Slots allow you to save city configurations for future use. You might want to build a new city heavily fortified with Ares houses and fire towers, but don’t want to discard your current city in case your new design doesn’t work out. City slots allow you to have cities that are ‘works in progress’ while your enemies attack your ‘Active’ city.



How do I control my gods?
You have full control over your gods during every attack. You control where they are summoned, where they move, how they use their god powers, and what they attack. Troops such as hoplites and archers, though, are autonomous and can’t be directly controlled.

How do I get all of my god’s powers?
Your gods receive their first power as soon as they are purchased in the Pantheon. You can purchase the god’s second power in the Pantheon whenever you like. A god’s Ultimate Power can be purchased once you reach level 20.

How do I know when I am being attacked?
When you are viewing your city you may see a Defend City option pop up at the bottom of the screen. This means that you’re currently under attack! Select Defend City and you will be able to take part in the battle. You’ll be able to defend your city in real-time by deploying hoplites and archers to fight back against attacking gods. Defending your city in person is completely optional, but it’s a great boost to your city’s defenses!

How do I win or lose a battle?
The temples are the heart of the city. Once you destroy all of the enemy city’s temples you will win the battle. If all of your gods fall in combat, though, you will lose the battle. Even if you lose, you will keep all of the resources you earned from destroying enemy buildings.

Do I miss out on stone and gold if I don’t destroy every building in a city?
Once you destroy all of a city’s temples, the rest of the city will crumble. You’ll then receive full rewards for having destroyed every building in the city.

Do I lose stone or gold when my city is attacked?
No, you never lose resources when your town is attacked. Instead, you actually gain resources by inflicting damage on attacking gods!

How do I upgrade my gods and their abilities?
You recruit and upgrade gods in the Pantheon. From your Home City, you’ll find the Pantheon button just above the Attack button. Once in the Pantheon, you can tap a god to unlock them or upgrade the god’s stats and powers.

When attacking, how many gods can join the fight?
It’s possible to have 5 gods on the battlefield at the same time. You can choose to deploy your gods a few at a time or all at once for a sudden assault. If you have more than 5 gods, you’ll be able to deploy an additional god each time a god falls in battle.

What are Trophies?
Trophies represent how successful you’ve been in combat, and are gained and lost based on battle outcome. Your overall number of Trophies is made up of your Attack Rating (how successful you’ve been with attacks) and your Defense Rating (how successful you’ve been with defenses.) For any given match, the number of Trophies that are won and lost will be based on the difference between your Attack or Defense Rating and your opponent’s. For example, if you win an easy attack, you will gain only a few Trophies. On the other hand, if you win a hard battle, you will gain a large number of Trophies.

Who am I matched up with in battle?
In standard battles, you’ll be matched up with players based on your relative success attacking and defending. Strong attackers will tend to be given matches against strong defenders. In Revenge matches, you’re able to attack a player that has recently attacked you. And in Sparring matches, you can try a practice fight against yourself or a chosen member of your Alliance.

Nothing is attacking my houses. Why do they keep dying?
If a temple is destroyed, all houses with the temple will also be destroyed. For example, if the Ares temple is destroyed, then all of the Ares houses will be destroyed as well. Because of this, it’s best to use a mix of different house types. This prevents your house bonuses from being too dependent on the safety of a single temple.


What is an Alliance?
An Alliance is a group of players that join together to help one another in battle. Alliance members can fight alongside each other, deploying troops mid-fight to help turn the tide in their ally’s favor. Membership in an Alliance is optional but highly recommended as a good way to gain an edge and experience the game with your friends! To create or join an Alliance, access the Alliance pull-out on the right side of your screen.

How do I know when my allies are being attacked?
You will sometimes see a numbered icon overlaying the Alliance pull-out on the right side of the screen. When you see this, open the Alliance pull-out and check the Battles tab. From there you’ll be able to join in to help any of your allies that are attacking other players or are under attack themselves.

How do I assist my allies in battle?
Once you’ve joined an ally’s battle you’ll be able to deploy squads of troops every few seconds. To deploy troops, first select the Hoplite or Archer portrait on the left side of the screen. Next, select where on the battlefield you want to deploy troops. If you’re defending, you’ll place troops close to defending buildings. If you’re attacking, you’ll be able to place troops in any area not covered by buildings.

What controls the number of troops dropped per assist?
For defenders, the number of troops per drop is based upon the number of temples that the defending player owns. For attackers, the number of troops per drop is based on the number of gods in the attacking player’s Pantheon. Additionally, the number of troops per drop will decrease very slightly as the number of assisting players increases.

What controls the strength of the troops dropped in an assist?
For defenders, the troop strength is based upon the temple levels of the defender player. For attackers, the troop strength is based upon the god levels of the attacking player. Additionally, the strength of dropped troops will decrease very slightly as the number of assisting players increases.



What is Nectar?
Nectar is the magical drink of the gods. Nectar is what allows you to call the gods of Olympus into battle.

What are Gems used for?
Gems are an in-game currency used when resources such as Nectar, Gold, and Stone, are in short supply. For example, when you are low on Nectar and try to start a battle, you can use Gems to cover the missing Nectar costs.

How do I get more Nectar?
Nectar automatically accumulates over time, and you are also awarded bonus Nectar whenever you gain a level. The best way to acquire additional nectar quickly to join an Alliance and assist your allies in battle. While assisting, each group of troops you place will give you a small Nectar reward.”,

What is Ambrosia used for?
Ambrosia is used to purchase god skins and god environments. God skins do not change the god’s stats in any way, but god environments provide boosts to the god’s temples and houses.

How do I get more Ambrosia?
You get Ambrosia from fighting multiplayer battles. Fighting players that are higher levels than yourself gives you more Ambrosia, so get your Alliance together and attack more difficult opponents!

What is Stone used for?
Stone is used to construct and upgrade your city. Earn stone by destroying enemy cities.

What is Gold used for?
Gold is primarily used to purchase and upgrade the gods. Earn gold by destroying enemy cities or defending your own city from attack.



Why are there treasure chests floating in my city?
Other players will attack your city with their gods. If your defenses wound (or knock out) an attacking god, you will receive gold in the form of floating treasure chests. The treasure chests are colored to represent the god that was wounded or knocked out. The better your defenses get, the more gold you’re likely to make! Collect the gold from the treasure chests by tapping on them or collect them all at once by tapping the Treasure button at the bottom right. Be sure to come back often as you’re only able to collect treasure chests from your 5 most recent defenses.

How do I level up?
You gain experience every time you attack, collect stone or gold from a building, or collect gold from a treasure chest. Once you’ve gathered enough experience, you’ll level up.

Can I continue my game on another device?
Yes! First make sure that you play Gods of Olympus while logged into your Game Center account. Once you’ve done so, you can play with your same account on another device by logging into your Game Center account on the new device.

I purchased gems, but haven’t received them yet. What’s wrong?
Typically this should be a very fast process, but sometimes transactions can take a little time to complete. Please wait for a little while to see whether your gems arrive and try restarting the game. If you still have trouble, report the issue to us so that we can resolve it.

Is it possible to change my name?
Yes! You can change your name in Settings. Your first name change is free, and each additional name change will increase in price.

Can I reset my game back to the beginning?
There really is not a need to restart the game. Many players feel that they made a “bad” choice when choosing their gods or making other decisions. However, the gods are all very well balanced, and a player can easily progress through the game with any of the chosen gods.

How do I delete the my account data?
Gods of Olympus does not store any personaly identifying information in the game, unless you provide your email address as a way to recover your city. We are unable to completely remove a city from the game. However, you may contact our support team if you would like to delete your email address, remove your player name, and/or remove any other connections to your device.