The first ever GOLDEN GOD CHALLENGE is about to begin… Your victory depends on keeping the golden god safe!

In a golden god challenge, a special god with augmented stats will lead your pantheon.
This god will have extra Strength and faster Ability recharge times, and they may have increased or decreased Health depending on the Challenge.

In the King of the Gods Challenge, Zeus is the golden god, with supercharged powers but decreased health!
You can see details of a god’s levels and bonuses by tapping on their image:

Zeus has 60% of his usual Health, 170% Strength, and cooldown times reduced to 30%!

The golden god must be placed on the map first to lead your team.

Your challenge is to defeat the city while keeping the golden god safe from harm!
If the golden god is knocked out during battle, you will be defeated.

Every player will have the same Pantheon available for each Challenge, regardless of the levels and gods unlocked in their own Pantheon, so this will be a fierce competition of strategy and skill!
The Event Leaderboard resets with each new Challenge, with prizes awarded to the Top 100 competitors!

Post your high scores and screenshots to us on Facebook and Twitter!


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