JANUARY 2019 UPDATE – Gorgon Tower!

This update introduces a brand new defensive building, the Gorgon Tower!


A super powerful tower that deals massive damage over time and turns enemy troops to stone!
Read on for more details about its effects and counters!

Damage to Troops:

The Gorgon Tower will target all enemy troops in range, from closest to farthest, up to the maximum damage. Troops will be slowed and turn to stone, taking damage over time before finally exploding!


Damage to Gods:

Once all troops in range of the tower have been targeted, all nearby gods will be targeted next. The remaining damage will be split equally between the gods and will drain their health over time. Gods will be visually coated in stone to show the effect of damage over time, however their movement will not be slowed or stopped.

Tip for Attackers:  Shield your gods by forming an army of troops to soak up damage from the Gorgon Tower. Athena and Hades can summon troops, and your alliance can assist you live to provide extra troops!


Attack Rate:

The Gorgon Tower strikes every 6.5 seconds.


Upgrades and Bonuses:

Upgrading a Gorgon Tower will automatically increase its range, with a hard Area cap of 5,610 at Level 40. Artemis and Zeus houses will not have any extra effect on the tower’s range.

Gorgon Towers have a hard Power cap of 29,260 at Level 40. Ares and Zeus houses will not increase the maximum damage any further.

Tip for Base Builders:  To check which stat bonuses apply to a building, tap the Info button on any building in your city, and tap any of the power icons (Health, Range, Speed, etc.) to reveal more detailed stats about active Bonuses from Houses, Temples, and Environments.


Interaction with God Powers:

Using Apollo’s Healing Light or Hermes’ Regroup abilities will stop any affected gods from taking the remaining damage over time from the Gorgon Tower’s most recent attack.

Using Awe will only protect Aphrodite from being targeted by the Gorgon Tower while the Awe ability is in effect. It will NOT remove any remaining damage over time if Aphrodite was hit by the Gorgon Tower prior to activating Awe.

Gorgon Towers can be Charmed by Aphrodite!
Tip for Defenders:  Poseidon houses shield buildings from being charmed!


Level Requirement:

The Gorgon Tower can be unlocked at Level 75.


The Gorgon Tower is more expensive than other towers due to its immense power and range.
Invest in a few well-placed towers for your city, and enjoy watching your enemies crumble!

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