After years of aiding the Olympian gods in battle, Hades is bringing his domain out of the shadows to show the world the power of the Underworld!


Enter the Underworld!

Create an additional city in the new Underworld realm, with new buildings, new battle mechanics, and new gods to unlock!
Underworld gods can attack cities in both the Underworld and Olympus, and vice versa, opening up many new attack and defense combinations and strategies to explore!


Unlock 7 new gods!

Underworld Hades:

The Underworld edition of Hades features a powerful new ultimate ability, allowing you to turn a huge area of troops on the battlefield in your favor.
Original Hades remains unchanged and is still available as usual in the Olympus pantheon!


Cerberus is a playable character in the Underworld with his own unique powers and ultimate ability! Teleport Cerberus while trampling enemies, draw troops away from battle, and boost your speed and damage for the ultimate rampage!


The Queen of the Underworld is the ultimate support god! Heal and buff your allies throughout the battle and resurrect a recently vanquished god to return to the fight!


Charon has the ability to summon a new type of troop, Shades, and cause enemy units to attack each other instead of your team. His ultimate ability gives a huge buff to friendly gods, making them nearly invulnerable!


Tisiphone is one of three winged Furies available in the Underworld. Use ice to damage enemies and slow the movement speed and attack rate of troops and buildings, and even freeze them in place!


Alecto is a Fury who uses fire as her weapon. Attack areas of enemies with a flaming sword, shoot a fireball at range, and summon a devastating meteor storm across the entire city.


This Fury uses poison to deal damage over time, and can eliminate huge numbers of troops with a terrible plague. She can also support allies by giving them the ability to recover health as they deal damage, which is especially powerful when paired with high damage dealing abilities!


Discover new defensive buildings!

Design your city around the new Citadel – a structure that can’t be damaged until all of your city’s Statues are destroyed.
Use Portals to ensure your troops have instant access to anywhere on the map!
Freeze your foes in place with the new Ice Tower, or poison groups of enemies with the Poison Tower.
Spawn Shades, Skeletons, and Skeleton Archers to form your army!

Unlock new Environments to boost different buildings within your city, and use new Alliance Powers to assist allies with new troops, buffs, and elemental powers!

Note: If you notice a difference in Olympus building attack rates, this is not a balance change. There has always been a 0.1 second reload time so we updated the visible attack rates to reflect this. It is purely a cosmetic change – attack rates functionally remain the same.


We can’t wait to see your new Underworld city creations and battle strategies, and hope you enjoy all the new content!
We are working on more big things to come, so stay tuned!


Check out this spotlight video with an overview of the Underworld!

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