A new update is on its way, introducing extra city slots, new challenge modes, alliance flares, and balance changes! Read on for details, and to find out what we’re working on next!


  • Unlock up to 10 different city slots and switch between them at any time!
  • Inactive cities remain safe from attacks, so you can build or redesign cities risk-free!
  • Start fresh or copy your current city as a template!
  • Different environments can be used for each city design!

Tap the map icon to access City Slots!


Several different Challenge Event modes will be rolling out over the coming weeks, including:

  • Breakout
  • Arena
  • Doppelgänger
  • Glass Cannon
  • Survival
  • Golden Squad

More details and previews of these challenges are coming soon!


  • Send flares during your attacks to show your alliance mates where you need their assistance!
  • Choose up to 3 flare positions simultaneously!

Tap the flag icon at the bottom of a battle,
then tap a position on the map to guide your alliance mates!




  • Temple Bonus (strength) boost increased to 100% (previously 20%)
  • Temples and Houses no longer get a health boost from Environments (previously 20%)
  • No change to House Bonus (strength) boost (remains at 20%)


  • All Temples: Health increased by 10%
  • Aphrodite Temple: Unit Bonus increased by 35%
  • Apollo Temple: Healing bonus increased by 13% (at high levels only)
  • Ares Temple: Attack Bonus increased by 15%
  • Artemis Temple: Range Bonus increased by 15%
  • Athena Temple: Health Bonus reduced by 15%
  • Zeus Temple: General Bonus reduced by 15%
  • Hades Temple: Reanimate Chance increased by 50%
  • Hera Temple: Explosion Bonus increased by 92%
  • Poseidon Temple: Shield Boost increased by 15%


  • Ares House: Attack Bonus increased by 10%
  • Hades House: Reanimate Chance increased by 25%
  • Hera House: Explosion Bonus increased by 25%


  • Water Blast: Strength reduced by 22-25% (scaling with level – lowest levels at 25%)
  • Water Blast: Duration reduced by 1 second
  • Kraken: Changed targeting to make it much less likely that multiple Temples will be destroyed by the Kraken alone


In addition to City Slots, you may also notice some changes to the user interface and controls while building your city.
For example, try tapping twice on a tree or rock from newly bought land to Select All nature and gather it all at once!
You can also cycle through Building Summary screens for other building types by tapping them multiple times – each tap will expand the selection to a broader building category.
These additions lay the foundation for some upcoming City Editor features which will include mass selling and upgrading. We’re working hard on these features and more for the coming updates!


It’s been a while since our last major update, so we wanted to give you some hints on what we’ve been working on, and what you can expect in future updates. The following features are all currently in development:


Check out this video for a preview of the new features!

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