MAY 2017 UPDATE – Balance Changes, New Levels & New Look

This update includes higher max levels, balance changes, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and improvements to the art, interface, and user experience. Read on for more details!

New Levels

  • Gods’ Health and Strength can now be upgraded to Level 70 (previously 60)
  • Temple Bonus can now be upgraded to Level 40 (previously 30)
  • Houses can now be upgraded to Level 25 (previously 15)

Balance Changes


  • Wrath area decreased by 8.3% at low levels, 10% at high levels
  • Wrath strength decreased by 8.3% at high levels
  • Absorbing Strike now increases attack damage! (20-79%, scaling with level)

Wrath alone often deals more damage than any other god throughout an entire battle! This is the case even after this balance change so Wrath will continue to serve its purpose of instant devastation, but we’ve dialled it down a notch to make sure it’s not the sole win condition in a battle.
On the other hand, we’ve added a damage buff to Absorbing Strike, meaning Hera will regain health more quickly, and the ability will continue to be useful even if Hera is at full health.
These changes should make Hera less of a one-hit wonder, and a more valuable tank/damage dealer throughout the battle.

Vengeance Warriors:

  • Vengeance Warriors now harm friendly VWs with their explosion

Groups of Vengeance Warriors will now get less hits in before exploding, and if your gods are being pursued from a distance, you’ll have the opportunity to use a long-ranged attack to clear them out before they get too close.

Defensive Troops:

  • Improved AI for defensive hoplites and archers

Defensive troops will now be more aggressive about targeting and pursuing gods. They’ll still defend against nearby enemy troops, but they won’t be as easily distracted from a distance, leaving more troops free to fight at the heart of the battle!

Balance Tweaks and Fixes:
We’ve also made several small changes and bug fixes that will have a minor impact on game balance:

  • Assist troops can no longer spawn in the middle of nowhere. If a building is destroyed while troops are spawning, they will move to the next closest building
  • Fixed a bug where high level assist troops would have inflated health bonuses, resulting in super-VWs that could take 2 shots to kill
  • Hades monument can now be buffed by Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, and Zeus houses
  • Fixed a bug where Hades houses could steal enemy skeletons
  • Slow Time now affects Archer Towers
  • Game won’t end if an arrow is in flight, allowing for last-second Long Shot victories
  • Long Shot can no longer target villagers (AKA suddenly become a homing missile)
  • Fixed a bug where Ares’ Battle Charge preview area was sometimes drawn too large, requiring him to walk before attacking
  • King Lycaon now drops more assist troops during campaign missions

Quality of Life Improvements
We’ve added a few things here and there that players have commonly requested, including:

  • “Leave Battle” button when waiting in the clouds to join a battle
  • Skip campaign dialogue after the first playthrough
  • If an attacker quits, the defender gets a full gold payout for any gods left on the map
  • Performance optimizations, including faster loading when joining a battle and viewing battle history
  • Alliance gifts: any time you purchase a Bag of Gems or higher, you can optionally choose an additional free gift to send to your alliance mates! (Gifts will appear in the new Messages tab)
  • Notifications and better support for Android users
  • Notification configuration settings for all platforms

New Art & User Interface

  • New portrait animations for all gods (and skins), Owly, King Lycaon, battle menus, and resource collection
  • Icons added to buildings to indicate Healing Rate, Reanimate Chance, and Explosion Damage bonuses
  • Improved UI for menus and newsfeed
  • Damage Rate displayed in Hawk Storm to make the strength stats clearer
  • Updated Hera’s Strength and Attack Rate stats (balance remains unchanged from prior version)
  • Better support for visual projectiles on high-res devices

As always, we’ve included a bunch of other bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements to keep the game running smoothly.
We also have several big gameplay additions in development that we’ll begin testing shortly, so stay tuned for more updates coming in the not-too-distance future! 🙂

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