NOVEMBER 2016 UPDATE – Cyclops Tower

This update introduces a brand new tower and some highly requested feature improvements!

An angry Cyclops will hurl giant boulders, dealing area damage and crushing groups of enemy troops! Great for defending against small units who may be shielding the attacking gods. Unlocks at Level 40.

Cyclops Tower
You can now reset Temples and Monuments to Level 1 and get a full stone refund for all upgrades you’ve purchased! Costs 1 gem for each upgrade being refunded.

Temple Reset

Track activity in your alliance from within the game! Tap the Assists column to reveal how long ago each member assisted, with color coded labels:
Recent (<10 minutes): green
10 minutes – 23 hours: light green
1 – 6 days: white
7+ days: yellow
Never: orange
Note: Some members may be listed as “Unknown”. This means the member last assisted before our system started tracking last assists (late October).

Last Assist

See current reinforcement numbers of your allies and enemies at a glance.
Each alliance has different ways of enjoying cooperative play so this feature may be used in different ways. Whether you choose to spread the love across multiple battles, or band together against tough opponents, you’ll be able to see what you’re up against before you join a battle!

Live Assist

We’ve also made some other UI improvements and changes under the hood including bug fixes, optimized download size, and improved pathfinding for Ares’ acolytes.

Let us know what you think of the new Cyclops Tower and what you’d like to see next!

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