OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE – Poseidon is Here!

The god of the sea has arrived at Mount Olympus! Read on for an overview of his powers and other new features included in this update!



Poseidon can take a hit, with health stats second only to Athena, and equal to the newly buffed Zeus!

Poseidon uses his trident as a melee weapon with medium attack speed.

Water Blast:
Fires blasts of water at enemies.

Tidal Wave:
Creates a massive tidal wave, inflicting heavy damage in a directed path.

Call forth a huge sea monster from the depths of the ocean.

Alliance Power:
Summon Tritons, fearsome sea creatures with medium health and range, with very fast attack speed. Tritons can’t be charmed or reanimated.

Regularly spawns Tritons to defend your city.

Choose one building anywhere on the map to receive a powerful bubble shield, which protects the building from being damaged or charmed until it’s broken.

Choose one adjacent building to receive a shield.

Island theme, with 20% boost to Poseidon Temple and Houses.


Each god now offers their own themed environment, with unique terrain, decorations, and 20% health and strength bonuses for the Temple and Houses of the patron god!

See all the new environments here!


Ambrosia can be used to purchase Environments and Skins for gods. Earn ambrosia for each attack, with more awarded for fighting opponents higher than your own level!


We’ve added 2 new skins to celebrate Halloween: Dracula Hades and Zombie Killer Apollo!
Poseidon also offers an alternate Merman skin!




  • Health increased by 9%
  • Strength increased by 20%


  • Hawk Storm duration increased by 2 seconds
  • Hawk Storm area increased by 100


  • Unit Awe (Alliance Power) duration increased by 20% to 6 seconds (previously 5)
  • Unit Awe strength increased by 20%, allowing more units to be protected from harm

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Maximum upgrade level increased to 70 (previously 60)

Daily Challenges:

  • Rebalanced and added Environment bonuses


We’ve also added daily special offers, bug fixes, and optimized downloads to greatly reduce the wait time on the initial loading screen after updates!

We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear what you think of the new additions!


Check out all the new features in action here!

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