OCTOBER 2018 UPDATE – Hermes!

Special Delivery: The messenger god has arrived! Read on to learn about Hermes and other changes in this update!


Hermes is best used at range, with a maximum health of 70,229 at level 70.

Hermes uses his caduceus as a ranged weapon, with a maximum strength of 3189 at level 70.
He has the fastest attack speed of the ranged gods.

Hermes moves faster than most gods, with a speed of 21.

Rapidly attack all enemies in a target area. Hermes is invincible during this attack, and can move through buildings to reach his target.

Add a speed boost and evasion chance to all allies within range.

Bring the gods back to Olympus to reorganize the attack. You can even swap your gods for a different lineup!

Alliance Power:
Summon Marathoners, very fast-moving melee troops with the health and strength of Hoplites. Careful, they can be charmed!

Regularly spawns Marathoners to defend your city.

Boosts the speed of all units. Maximum speed boost is 25% at level 40 (without Environment boost).

Boosts the speed of units in adjacent buildings. Maximum speed boost is 15% per house at level 25 (without Environment boost).

Coast theme, with 100% boost to Hermes Temple bonus and 20% boost to Hermes House bonus.




  • Artemis’ movement speed increased to 21 (previously 19)
  • Apollo’s movement speed increased to 21 (previously 19)
  • Hoplite movement speed reduced to 15 (previously 16)
  • Archer movement speed reduced to 16 (previously 17)
  • Skeleton movement speed reduced to 20 (previously 21)
  • Acolyte movement speed reduced to 16 (previously 18)
  • Vengeance Warrior movement speed reduced to 16 (previously 18)
  • Triton movement speed reduced to 12 (from 18)


  • Strength increased by 17%
  • Increased Triton size, making them easier to spot and target

Level Requirements:

  • Added scaling level requirements for god health, strength, and powers


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Check out Hermes’ powers in action here!

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