AUGUST 2016 UPDATE – Olympian Challenge & Alliance Powers

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Without further ado, let’s get into the details of our most feature-packed update yet, Version 1.5 – available today for all iOS players and Android beta testers!
Here’s what’s included:


The Olympian Challenge

Aphrodite2   Athena3   Ares2

The Olympian Challenge is a set of daily challenge maps that present highly unique, procedurally-generated cities. This means that no two maps will ever be the same!

Each day’s maps will be themed around a different god, with buildings and units to represent their individual strengths. Challenge maps include new terrain and mechanics that are not possible in regular cities such as multiple Monuments and Temples of the same type.

Challenges are free to play, and you’ll be rewarded with Gold, Stone, and Gems for each successful attack. If you can’t beat a challenge on the first try, you can retry an unlimited number of times within the 24 hour period before the next day’s maps are generated.

Our aims for this feature:

– Daily reward system

– More varied gameplay

– A flexible framework that can built on in future updates, with the potential for more unique rewards and other styles of battle.

New Alliance Assist Powers

Alliance Powers

Assist your allies and defend your own base with 7 brand new Alliance Powers, for a total of 9 different ways to assist in real-time!

Each god now offers their own unique Alliance Power:

– Acolyte of Ares (Ares): Summons Acolytes of Ares.

– Skeletons (Hades): Summons skeletons.

– Hoplite Tent (Athena): Creates a tent that produces a steady stream of hoplites.

– Archer Tent (Artemis): Creates a tent that produces a steady stream of archers.

– Zap (Zeus): Zaps a group of enemies. Deals significant damage to a few units closest to the blast and minor damage to everything else in the area.

– Unit Awe (Aphrodite): Applies an Awe effect to a small number of friendly units.  Enemies are incapable of harming these units for a short period of time.

– Heal (Apollo): Minor healing for a single god or building.

Alliance Powers can be unlocked in the Pantheon through the corresponding gods. Their strength will be determined by the strength of the alliance member you are assisting.

Alliance Powers can be swapped at any time during battle, but only 5 will be visible at a time. Choose the most beneficial powers to use based on your opponent, or simply choose your favorites and your preferred order will be saved for next time.

Our aims for this feature:

– More strategic and engaging experience for assisters

– Extra perks for unlocking each god

– New ways for assisters to combat Aphrodite’s Monument and Charm Units ability. Previously, all assist units were at risk of being instantly charmed by a highly upgraded Monument or ability, but Skeletons and Acolytes of Ares are immune to Aphrodite’s charm!

This is a lot of new units to add at once, so we’ll be listening closely to your feedback and monitoring balance into the future.

Skins v1,5

– Succubus Aphrodite

– Paintball Apollo

– Valkyrie Athena

– Barbarian Ares

– Wood Elf Artemis

– Grim Reaper Hades

– Thunder God Zeus



– Health increased

– Chain Lightning attack strength mildly increased

– Lightning Storm range now scales up slightly with level

– Slow Time duration mildly increased across the board, with the largest changes at higher levels


– Health increased

Hades Houses

– Resurrection effect greatly increased per house

– Resurrection may now overflow – an entity with >100% resurrection chance may resurrect again (unit → skeleton → skeleton)

Temple and Monument Levels

– Increased maximum Monument upgrades to Level 40 (previously 30)

– Increased maximum Temple health to Level 40 (previously 30)

* Maximum Temple bonus remains at Level 30


– Graphic indicators for monument level

– Bug fixes and stability improvements

We always love hearing your thoughts and feedback to learn what you love, what you’d like next, and what we could be doing better.
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Stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon!

See the new features in action below:

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